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Travel platform

TravelDNA provides an intuitive and easy to integrate platform for all kinds of travel businesses.

We will adjust it for your company’s needs and assist you on every step of the journey planning process, starting from search to booking and selecting the ultimate travel experiences.

Think of it as a template that can be designed for your vision.

Our Clients



A unique mix of seasoned experts whose combined expertise makes the business class feel like a luxury experience. Whether it is flying families for wedding celebrations overseas, arranging travel for professional sports teams, reservations for professionals converging at conferences, they know how to do it right.

Our partnership with them in 2017 resulted in updating technology for both the click-to-book and phone-to-book modules. We've also provided a CRM system for them to keep track of all the customer interactions.


GTT Global

GTT targets the American market and offers an extensive product portfolio, going from hotels and flights to providing unique experiences at the destination. Specializes in group bookings and B2B fares.

One of our oldest clients, working with us since 2016. Our goal was to implement the cross-sell and upsell modules to their website. In addition, they wanted to achieve greater customization. We've added personalized bundles to account for every kind of traveler out there.



A travel platform with a twist for the growing Asian market. Accounts for cultural preferences and ways we experience travel to provide a unique and memorable experience.

Partnered with us in 2018. We have successfully added a click-to-book option on their platform, as well as a chatbot that would filter customer requests and redirect them to the correct department.


Hop2 Travel Agency

USA-based flight booking company, offering click-to-book options to travelers for any destination. It uses a low-fare technology providing clients with multiple options and ways to filter them.

Joined our portfolio in 2016 with a request to improve their customer journey and provide personalized suggestions. Since then, we have developed a CMS system and implemented new payment options on their website.



One of the first companies to use metasearch for travel. Kayak is one of the largest booking providers, with over 1000 members on its team.

Reached out to us in 2020 for technical and customer support of their click-to-book service. To boost their efficiency, we automated most of the time-consuming tasks formerly done by their agents, like data entry and invoice generation.



With 12,500 people in more than 120 countries, Ovago is where companies worldwide go for their travel management, meetings and events, expenses, and related data. A travel platform with world-leading companies in its portfolio.

Working with TravelDNA since 2016. Our company implemented a click-to-book model for them and added a chatbot to facilitate communication with clients.



Founded in 2007, Wowfare is recognized as a safe and result-proven consolidator, providing outstanding travel services to people around the world. Phone to book platform with the policy of delivering transparency to air ticket prices to as many people as possible.

Joined our client portfolio in 2016. TravelDNA united Wowfare's communication channels by integrating them into a CRM system. In addition, we've added a "Client Profile" section to make their agent's job easier.



A travel platform targeted exclusively for students and faculty members. Customers have to go through an identification process, which introduces them to hidden discounted fares.

A challenging case that started in 2020. Because of the discounted fares, we had to come up with an identity check protocol and establish additional security measures. In addition, the company received greater personalization and targeting tools for better marketing.

How it works

Attention to detail in every aspect. It’s the little things that make the best memories.

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Create a plan and choose the type of platform that fits best with your business goals.

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Discuss your requirements and wishes. We start the development process, tailor it to your needs, and integrate it

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Your clients can start using your new platform, getting them closer to their goals and dream destinations

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With every purchase on the platform, you earn a commission which you can realize as profit or use for cashback

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Get profit through a commission on every purchase your clients make

Complementary products for a B2B/B2C travel platform


Support Package

Eliminate the stress of worrying about potential reschedules and delays. By choosing the right support package you can reduce the cancellation and reschedule fees or completely remove them.


Payment in installments

A more affordable option for customers who are not quite ready to pay the full price upfront. Having an interest-free monthly payments option reduces the number of clients who abandon their orders.


Cancel for any reason

An ideal solution to encourage more clients to proceed with their purchase. Having a risk free option to cancel at any time eliminates any doubt they might have when planning a trip.

Our Platform

Attention to detail in every aspect. It’s the
little things that make the best memories.

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  • Financial Services
  • Payment Systems
  • Telecom Companies
  • Online Retail
  • Travel Agencies
  • Airlines

Trusted by major industry players

Achieve your peak customer satisfaction through your new platform that makes travel planning seamless.


Detailed reports and analytics

Get valuable insights about your business to help the management team make the most informed decisions.


Unique platform

We adapt and find the best approach to integrate our technology to maximize your business.


Customer-friendly approach

Our intuitive interface, simplified customer journey result in more interaction with the customer


24/7 customer support

Requires no explanation. We will be there for you and your clients at any time, with no exceptions.

Fast Setup

We will integrate and get your platform going in the shortest time possible. Our goal is to make the launch painless, with technical and customer support available at any time.


Our success story

We’ve reached thousands of travelers by successfully launching more than 35 travel portals for clients that come from all sectors of the travel industry.

As a result, our partners sold over 1 million hotels, airline tickets and experiences, and their customers keep returning for more.